The Largest Electric Power Transmission Utility in State Sector in India Indoor Testing Laboratory Scada/PLC Training Programmes Conducted Exclusively for Women Groups

ट्रान्समीशन नेटवर्क  नेटवर्कवर दृष्टीक्षेप

नेटवर्कवर दृष्टीक्षेप


Ø  The largest electric power transmission utility in state sector in India

Ø  559 EHV substations

Ø  39871 Ckt. kms of Transmission lines

Ø  89178 MVA Transformation capacity

Ø  Infrastructure plan of about  Rs 10456 Crore

Ø  Transmission system capable of handling about 18500 MW of power

Ø  Transmitted 116195 MUs. in the year 2011-12

Ø  Staff strength of around 13128 employees all across Maharashtra

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