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7000011355 Karad

Work of Overhauling of 245/145KV Siemens-Make Circuit Breakers with providing & fixing of required Circuit Breakers spares at various EHV /Stns under EHV O&M Division, Sangli.

10-01-2019 25-01-2019 (21 KB)
7000011334 Pune

Balance work of LILO on 220kV Pandharpur-Malinagar line for 220kV Bhalwani S/S.(dated 10-01-2019)

10-01-2019 09-02-2019 (118 KB)
EE/TDP/DyEE(O)/T-15/028 dtd.10.01.2019 Pune

Enquiry for providing 1 No Vehicle (Tata-Sumo or equivalent) with driver on hire for Testing Division, Pune.(dated 10-01-2019)

10-01-2019 18-01-2019 (42 KB)
7000010883 Nashik

EHV PC (O&M) Zone,Nashik:Extension Notice for Work of second circuit stringing on 132kV D/C tower from 132kV Dharangaon subsubstation to Railway Dharangaon TSS Dist- Jalgaon. 

10-01-2019 17-01-2019 (13 KB)
7000011329 Pune

Retender of Work Contract of Supply of material, Erection, Testing and Commissioning for work of 2x132kV line bay, 2X132kV Metering bay & 1x132kV PT Bay at 132kV Mohol Traction Sub Station Dist - Solapur with Civil work.(dated 09-01-2019)

10-01-2019 09-02-2019 (19 KB)
7000011342 Vashi

E- Enquiry for work of major repairing and recondition of 33/22 kV failed CT (CT Ratio 1600-800/1 A & 800-400/1 A) at various Sub-station under EHV O&M Division Boisar.

10-01-2019 18-01-2019 (622 KB)
7000011341 Vashi

E- Enquiry for supply of Silica Gel at various Sub-stations for the year 2018-19 under EHV O&M Division Boisar.

10-01-2019 18-01-2019 (621 KB)
Tender No. 09/2018-19 (Rfx No. 7000011331) Pune

Annual Rate Contract for repairing of Air Conditioning Unit (Split) 2/1.5 Tons at various EHV Sub Stations & Offices under EHV O&M Dn Baramati.(dated 09-01-2019)

10-01-2019 09-02-2019 (9 KB)
7000011327 Vashi

E-Tender for supply of spares for maintenance of Lighting Masts at various Sub-stations under EHV (O&M) Division Boisar.

10-01-2019 27-01-2019 (620 KB)
7000011328 Vashi

E-Tender for Supply of Clamp & Connectors at Various Sub-stations for the year 2018-19 under EHV O&M Division Boisar.

10-01-2019 27-01-2019 (621 KB)
7000011026 Karad

E-CORRIGENDUM NO.1 Work of Replacement of 420 KV, 3150A, 50KA, 1 P SF6 CB W/O PIR WT SS, 01 Nos of 420KV CT 2000-1000-500/1A 5C 40KV WT TC CT, 01 No. of 390 KV, 10 KA MO Surge Arrestor (Stn. Class) for 105 MVA Single phase ICT-I Bay at 400KV R.S. Dn., Karad

09-01-2019 16-01-2019 (117 KB)
7000011326 Vashi

E-tender for Establishment of 220 kV Panvel TSS along with shifting of 220 kV D/C ONGC -Panvel TSS line from Loc. No. 2 to 8 for DFCCIL under ORC.

09-01-2019 11-02-2019 (478 KB)
7000011351 Amravati

SRM E-Tender: Balance work of construction of new 33kV bays along with conversion of 33kV single Bus to twin Bus at 132kV Khamgaon S/s under EHV(O&M) Division, Bhuldhana.

09-01-2019 25-01-2019 (391 KB)
7000010961 Nashik

EHV PC O&M Zone, Nashik:2nd Call for Establishment of 132 kV TSS at Borvihir Dist Dhule.

09-01-2019 09-02-2019 (543 KB)
EE/EHV(O&M) DN/KRD/T/F-53/No.0034 Karad

1st Extension for Enquiry for Hiring of Vehicle ( Bolero plus or equivalent) against departmental Marshal Jeep MH 14 9913 for LMSD, Lonand under EHV O&M Division, Karad.

09-01-2019 16-01-2019 (146 KB)
7000011340 Pune

Re-Tender for annual rate contract for providing & fixing of spares required for High Mast Towers at various EHV Sub-Stations under EHV O&M Division Manchar.(dated 09-01-2019)

09-01-2019 07-02-2019 (615 KB)
EE/Trans/765kV S/S/Ektuni/Tech/No.08. Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Annual maintenance contract for Tree cutting and trimming of 400kV lines under 765kV LMSD Ektuni at 765kV R.S. Division Ektuni, Aurangabad.

09-01-2019 16-01-2019 (515 KB)
7000010870 Nashik

EHV O&M Division Nashik :Extension Notice for Work of making heat shrinkable Indoor/Outdoor cable joint of 11kV /33kVXLPE cable by providing straight terminal joint kit & End termination kit as per std method to various EHV S/Stn.

09-01-2019 16-01-2019 (23 KB)
7000011194 Vashi

SRM tender for procurement of various consumable materials like sprays, putty, sealant cleaner etc at substation under 400KV RS (O&M) Dn. Kalwa.

09-01-2019 23-01-2019 (107 KB)
7000011319 Amravati

SRM E-Tender: Construction of Fire Protection wall at 132kV S/s.Lalkhedi Dist. Amravati under EHV CCCM Division Amravati.

09-01-2019 23-01-2019 (23 KB)
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