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7000006581 Vashi

e-Tender-44/ 2017-2018.Yard lightening maintenance work at various substations under EHV O&M Dn Bhandup for FY 2017-18.           

08-11-2017 24-11-2017 (35 KB)
7000006585 Vashi

e-Tender-43/ 2017-2018.E-tender for replacement and supply of  isolator mechanism boxes with servicing & alignment at 220Kv Mulund Substation under EHV O&M Dn Bhandup.           

08-11-2017 24-11-2017 (35 KB)
EE/EHVPD-I/PN/T/ LPO-47U/2753; dtd: 08/11/2017 Pune

E-Enquiry for Hiring of Diesel Vehicle Car for S/stn Projects Sub div, Pune.(dated 08-11-2017)

08-11-2017 21-11-2017 (643 KB)
7000006315 Karad

eTender (RFX No. 7000006315) 1st Extension notice for the work of Dismantling & Erection of 245/145/33KV CBs alongwith P&F required Clamps & Connectors at various S/Stn under EHV O&M Dn.Karad.

08-11-2017 15-11-2017 (88 KB)
7000006622 Vashi

Providing semiskilled labour for filed work at 400kV maintenance unit Nagothane, 40kV Line Maintenance Unit, Nagothane under 400kV R.S. (O&M) Dn. Nagothane.

08-11-2017 24-11-2017 (279 KB)
7000005895 Vashi

Supply of tripping and closing coils of various make circuit breakers at 400kV Nagothane substation under 400kV R.S. (O&M) Dn. Nagothane.

08-11-2017 08-12-2017 (279 KB)
7000006197 Nashik

EHV O&M Div. Babhaleshwar : Notice 2nd Call for work of attending low N2 gas cylinder pressure and fire detector trip indication on CTR panel of 220/132kV 200MVA ICT-II at 220KV Kedgaon

08-11-2017 07-12-2017 (253 KB)
7000006624 Aurangabad

Execution of work of Chemical treatment for arresting Growth of Grass, shrubs etc and annual maintenance treatment by Pest Control Method at 765 kV Substation Ektuni of Aurangabad District under 765 kV RS Division, Ektuni, Aurangabad

08-11-2017 07-12-2017 (80 KB)
7000006554 Amaravati

Conversion of Secure make ABT meter current rating from 5A to 1A at various EHV S/S under EHV O&M Division Amravati.

08-11-2017 08-12-2017 (62 KB)
7000006523 Karad

eTender Notice T-02/2017-18 Rfx. No. 7000006523 for Annual Contract for weed control chemical treatment & rodent treatment at 400kv Receiving station Alkud (M) coming under 400kv RS O&M Dn Alkud (M).

08-11-2017 07-12-2017 (67 KB)
EE/EHV/O&M/DN/BBLR/T-9/ 2091 Nashik

EHV O&M Div. Babhaleshwar : Notice for Hiring of 01No. of diesel SUV car to Diagnostic Testing team on per day basis under EHV (O&M) Division,Babhaleshwar as & when required

07-11-2017 14-11-2017 (221 KB)
EEC/EHV/CCCM/Dn./Amt/Tech/775 Amaravati

Preparation of volleyball, Kabbaddi, and Bad-minton ground near 220KV S/Stn, Colony premises, Amravati.

07-11-2017 14-11-2017 (427 KB)
SE/EHV/O&M/CIRCLE/TENDER/T-2432 dtd-07.11.2017 Pune

E-enquiry for the AMC of air conditioners at EHV O&M Circle,Office,Pune.

07-11-2017 21-11-2017 (667 KB)
SE/EHV/O&M/CIRCLE/TENDER/T-2415 dtd-06.11.2017 Pune

E-enquiry for Providing new electrical & telephone wiring in EHV(O&M)Circle Office, Pune.

07-11-2017 21-11-2017 (894 KB)
EE/EVH O&M/Beed/Tech/1931 Aurangabad
E-enquiry for offline filtration of Transformer of various capacities to achieve the desired result as per IS 1886-2000 including testing of oil topping up complete with DGA, BDP and PPM results and allied works in various substations under EHV O&M Beed
07-11-2017 14-11-2017 (1.1 MB)
01216 Karad

Enquiry for Transportation of various EHV equipments/materials from MSETCL S/Stn. & Stores to RTC Talandage for 132KV Demo Line bay.

07-11-2017 14-11-2017 (364 KB)
7000006589 Vashi

AMC for the work of battery and battery chargers at various substations under EHV (O&M) Circle, Panvel.

07-11-2017 05-12-2017 (259 KB)
7000006498 Pune

SRM E-Tender for Rate contract for repair/ maintenance of High Mast Towers/ Substation Switchyard lighting at various S/stn.under EHV O&M Dn. I, Pune.

07-11-2017 07-12-2017 (13 KB)
7000005564 Pune

Cancellation of E-Tender for the Work of dismantling of old (6+2) no’s 33KV bay & erection of new (8+2) no’s of 33KV bays at 132KV Degaon EHV S/S under EHV O&M Division, Solapur.

07-11-2017 07-11-2017 (143 KB)
7000006350 Pune

Extension no -1 for SRM e-Tender of Allied work with the Internal inspection of Power Transformer, 220 / 22 kV, 50 MVA make IMP, at 220 kV Nanded city SS under EHV O&M Division-I, Pune.(dated 07-11-2017)

07-11-2017 14-11-2017 (229 KB)

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