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- Pune

Lottary for allotment of work of unemployed Engineers( lottery No.09/2019-20)(dated 05-11-2019)

08-11-2019 08-11-2019 (820 KB)
7000015318 Pune

Supply of 33kV CB as a critical spares for various EHV S/s under Pune Zone.(dated 18-11-2019)

07-11-2019 25-11-2019 (189 KB)
EE / 400 kV/ R.S DN/LBT/T/ 223 Dtd 07.11.2019 Pune

AMC for various PC/Laptop, printer & xerox machines at various sections at 400 kV R.S DN Lamboti.(dated 15-11-2019)

07-11-2019 15-11-2019 (148 KB)
7000014362 Nagpur

SRM e-tender for the work of Repairs, Overhauling, Alignment & Servicing Of old 245KV various make CB / DB isolators & Earth switch along with supplying of required spares at 400/220KV S/Stn, Chandrapur.

07-11-2019 14-11-2019 (131 KB)
7000014367 Nagpur

E-Tender Notice Work of renovation of existing earth pit & creation of new earth pit in Substation Switchyard at various Substations under EHV (O&M) Dn. MSETCL Ballarshah, Old Power House Area, Old Rest House Building, Ballarshah

07-11-2019 13-11-2019 (211 KB)
7000014361 Nagpur

E-TENDER (RFx) NOTICE Work of servicing/overhauling of 132KV ABB Make Circuit Breakers along with spares at various Substations under RS Ring main Dn Nagpur.

07-11-2019 14-11-2019 (290 KB)
700001341 Nagpur

SRM E-Enquiry Notice regarding work of refilling fire extinguishers at various Sub Stations under RS Ringmain Division Nagpur.

07-11-2019 13-11-2019 (214 KB)
7000014345 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender Strengthening of equipment structures of 220KV yard and 132KV yard at 220KV S/Stn Ambazari, Dist Nagpur;

07-11-2019 14-11-2019 (89 KB)
7000014342 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender Various Civil maintenance work at 132KV Mouda S/Stn, Dist Nagpur

07-11-2019 14-11-2019 (89 KB)
7000014348 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender Various Civil maintenance work at 132KV Saoner S/Stn, Dist Nagpur

07-11-2019 14-11-2019 (89 KB)
7000014244 Karad

Work of overhauling of 400KV BHEL Make SF-6 Circuit Breaker at 400KV R.S Dn, New Koyna

07-11-2019 14-11-2019 (95 KB)
7000014370 Karad

SRM-Enquiry for Purchase of Printers at various substations under EHV O&M Division, Kolhapur.

07-11-2019 14-11-2019 (99 KB)
7000014294 Pune

Annual contract for the works of testing of oil of power T/F (Dissolve Gas Analysis on-site by using Mobile Van & at Lab in emergency at various EHV substations under EHV(O&M) Circle, Pune.(dated 07-11-2019)

07-11-2019 13-11-2019 (69 KB)
RFX No 7000014376 Pune

Rate contract for 2 years for Weed Control chemical Treatment & Rodent control treatment at various substations under EHVO& M Division-I, Pune.(dated 07-11-2019)

07-11-2019 14-11-2019 (82 KB)
7000014300 , 7000014302 , 7000014303 Pune

Providing housekeeping services for office of Chief Engineer, EHV O&M Zone, Pune and 3rd floor of MSETCL officesat admin building Rasta Peth Pune
Asphalting of roads at 220 kV S/st yard at Nanded City Dist: Pune
Asphalting of roads, box culvert and allied works at Chinchwad Phase-I Dist: Pune.(dated 07-11-2019)

07-11-2019 14-11-2019 (207 KB)
7000013243 Nashik

3rd call notice Work of Emergency /Breakdown/Preventive maintenance works at various EHV substations under EHV (O&M) Division Nasik.

07-11-2019 13-11-2019 (258 KB)
7000013976 Nashik

2nd call notice for Work of Annual Maintenance Contract for Battery , Battery Charger & CDC at various EHV substations under EHV (O&M ) Division , Nasik

07-11-2019 13-11-2019 (256 KB)
7000011753 Nashik

2nd call Notice for Work of strengthening of stubs & rusted members of tower of 132kV Dindori – Kalwan line,132kV GCR - Ranwad Line & 132kV Laslgaon- Ranwad Line under Line Maintenance Sub - Division Manmad under EHV O&M Dn Nashik

07-11-2019 13-11-2019 (432 KB)
7000014364 Pune

Supply of 33kV CB as a critical spares for various EHV S/s under Pune Zone.(dated 07-11-2019)

07-11-2019 16-11-2019 (193 KB)
EE/TD/NSK/TECH/T-17/V-2/571 Nashik

E-Enquiry for providing Swift Dzire/ Indigo (Diesel) or equivalent vehicle along with driver on hired (per day) basis at Testing division Nashik

07-11-2019 13-11-2019 (2.9 MB)
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