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7000007015 Karad

Extension Notice for SRM-Tender Notice T-19/17-18/ RFx. No. 7000007015 for the Work of Cold Washing of Insulator Strings of 220KV & 110KV EHV Lines under EHV O&M Division, Sangli

16-01-2018 28-01-2018 (11 KB)
7000007013 Karad

Extension Notice for SRM-Tender Notice T-18/17-18/ RFx. No. 7000007013 for the Work of Work of Cold Line Chemical Washing of Insulator Strings of 220KV Vita-Hiwarwadi Line & 220/110KV Insulator Strings at 220KV Miraj S/Stn under EHV O&M Division, Sangli by using High Voltage Insulator Cleaner & Protector

16-01-2018 28-01-2018 (11 KB)
7000006519 Vashi

Extension -5 of SRM E- Enquiry for the work of testing, refilling, & maintenance of fire extinguishers at Major Stores Panvel.

16-01-2018 24-01-2018 (1.4 MB)
7000006639 Karad

Extension Notice for SRM-Tender Notice T-15/17-18/ RFx. No. 7000006639 for the Work of Monkey Patrolling of various EHV Lines under EHV O&M Division, Sangli

16-01-2018 28-01-2018 (11 KB)
7000006951 Karad

Extension Notice for SRM-Tender Notice T-16/17-18/ RFx. No. 7000006951 for the Work of Tower Painting with anti corrosive treatment of various EHV Lines under EHV O&M Division, Sangli

16-01-2018 28-01-2018 (11 KB)
7000006855 Karad

Providing Outsource Skilled Operators, Art-A & Junior Technicians for 220KV Vankusawade S/Stn

16-01-2018 22-01-2018 (287 KB)
7000007235 Karad

Work of providing outsource ITI Operators on contract basis in shift duty at various S/Stns under EHV O&M Division, Karad.

16-01-2018 29-01-2018 (289 KB)
7000007161 Karad

Annual contract for the work of transportation, loading & unloading of T/F accessories & S/Stn. equipment’s for various S/Stn. under EHV (O&M) Dn. Karad.

16-01-2018 23-01-2018 (289 KB)
RFX No. :-. 1. 7000007234 2. 7000007184 3. 7000007233 Pune


16-01-2018 28-01-2018 (354 KB)
Nashik Zone tenders Nashik

EHV PC O&M Zone, MSETCL, Nashik : Notice of Amendment in e-tenders due to implementation of GST in SRM E-tendering System.

16-01-2018 05-02-2018 (21 KB)
Tender-1/2017-18 Rfx No. 7000006483 Pune

Extension to E Tender notice for Providing skilled/Unskilled manpower on contract basis:for working at Administrative offices & Field offices under SE Testing & Communication Circle,Pune.(dated 15-01-2018)

16-01-2018 29-01-2018 (75 KB)
7000006809 Karad

Amendment :- Balance work of 132KV Chambukhadi Kale line.

15-01-2018 31-01-2018 (50 KB)
7000007025 Karad

Amendment :- Construction 132KV line bays – 2 Nos. one each at 132KV Aundh & Ambheri S/s. under Karad Zone

15-01-2018 30-01-2018 (281 KB)
T.O.L.No. 18 Karad

Providing skilled & unskilled labour as Computer operator & Unskilled labour as Peon for Office Work at Testing & Communication Circle office, Karad.

15-01-2018 22-01-2018 (1.7 MB)
7000007260 Amravati

E-Tender CORRIGENDUM Providing and fixing of LAN/VOICE for inter connectivity and System improvement for Computer Systems at Administrative building,Amravati-road under EHV PC O&M Zone,Amravati.

15-01-2018 01-02-2018 (373 KB)
7000007257 Pune

Ammendment of Re E-Tender notice for Testing & refilling of fire extinguishers at various substations under EHV (O&M) Division, II Pune (RFx No.7000007257)

15-01-2018 15-02-2018 (79 KB)
7000007300 Pune

E-Tender for replacement of 132KV Single Bus (0.2 ACSR) conductor by twin bus (0.2 ACSR) at 132KV SPSL (ESSAR) Sub-Station under EHV O&M Division Manchar.

15-01-2018 29-01-2018 (236 KB)
. BE/EHV(O&M)/NND/TS/ File No.73/69 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry for Hiring of vehicle i.e. Tata Sumo/Mahindra Bolero or equivalent vehicle with driver for PID testing team under EHV (O&M) Circle, Parli.

15-01-2018 23-01-2018 (361 KB)
7000007243 Karad

Day to day maintenance for civil assets of Colony & Sub-Stations under the Jurisdiction of Civil Sub-Dn. Sangli. (Tender No.EEC/CIVIL/SGL/T-13/ 2017-18 Rfx No.7000007243 )

15-01-2018 29-01-2018 (19 KB)
7000007215 Karad

Day to day maintenance for civil assets of colony & sub-stations under Juridiction of Miraj Sub-Dn. Miraj, Dist. Sangli. (Tender No.EEC/CIVIL /SGL /T-12/2017-18 Rfx No.7000007215 )

15-01-2018 29-01-2018 (19 KB)

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