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7000009807 Vashi

Corrigendum of SRM Tender for supplying of various sizes of SS Nut bolt with 2 plain and 1 spring washer at various sub-stn under EHV O&M Dn Dombivali  for publication the same in webpage of mahatransco.

05-08-2018 03-09-2018 (619 KB)
7000009791 Amravati

SRM E-TENDER Work of restringing of existing 0.15 Wolf Conductor of 132kV Balapur–Patur and 132kV Patur–Malegaon line corridor under EHV O&M Division,Akola.

05-08-2018 19-08-2018 (31 KB)
7000009807 Vashi

SRM Tender for supplying of various sizes of SS Nut bolt with 2 plain and 1 spring washer at various sub-stn under EHV O&M Dn Dombivali.

05-08-2018 03-09-2018 (674 KB)
7000009807 Vashi

SRM Tender for supplying of various sizes of SS Nut bolt with 2 plain and 1 spring washer at varoius sub-stn under EHV O&M Dn Dombivali.

05-08-2018 03-09-2018 (674 KB)
7000009797 Aurangabad

Work of Structural strengthening to 132kV Equipment RCC Column & Beam at 132kV Harsul Sub Station, Aurangabad under CCCM Division, Aurangabad

05-08-2018 21-08-2018 (40 KB)
7000009195 Karad

Work of Supply of Equipment’s/Material, Erection & Commissioning of 01 No. of 110KV Bay at 110KV Kale (T) S/Stn. under EHV O&M Dn Karad

05-08-2018 20-08-2018 (90 KB)
7000009796 Nashik

EHV (O&M) Dn, Babhaleshwar:2 nd Call for work of increasing of ground clearance of various 220kV & 132kV Lines under EHV Line Maintenance SubDivision Kedgaon.

05-08-2018 19-08-2018 (69 KB)
7000009805 Vashi

RFx for providing, fixing and commissioning of 2 nos. of 24V, 240AH & 16 nos. of 12 V, 180AH battery set at HVDC Terminal Station Padghe.

05-08-2018 03-09-2018 (368 KB)
7000009793 Vashi

2nd Call of RFx for design, supply, errection and commisioning of energy saver auto correction PF pannel for 180 kVAR, 415 V, D-Sine make capacitor banks for HVDC auxiliary source-I & II at HVDC Terminal Station, Padghe.

05-08-2018 03-09-2018 (395 KB)
7000009800 Amravati

SRM E-TENDER Balance Civil work for establishment of 220/132 KV S/Stn. Malkapur, Dist. Buldana under risk & cost of M/s. SMS India Pvt.Ltd.(2nd Call)

05-08-2018 04-09-2018 (150 KB)
RFX No:- 7000008719, RFX No:- 7000009211 Pune

SRM Re-Tender for the work of Servicing, Alignment & Maintenance of 220/132/33/11KV Isolators available at various 220/132 KV Substations under jurisdiction of Trans O & M Division, Solapur. Tender No:- EE/EHV/O &M/ SUR/SRM/T- 03/2017-18.(dated 03-08-2018)

05-08-2018 05-09-2018 (253 KB)
7000009787 Vashi

Work of erection of 2 Nos. of 22kV bays for Murud I and Murud II at 100/.22kV Mhasala substation under EV (O&M) Division Mahad

04-08-2018 03-09-2018 (220 KB)
7000009785 Amravati

SRM E-tender Supply,Erection,Testing and Commissioning of additional 1x25MVA,132/33kV transformer along with 132kV & 33kV bus extension with 2x33kV outlets along with bypass Isolator and allied equipments with civil works at 132kV Dharni substation,under EHV O&M Division Amravati on turnkey basis under EHV CC O&M Zone,Amravati.

04-08-2018 03-09-2018 (236 KB)
7000009799 Nagpur

Work of urgent replacement of 245 KV Bushing of CGL make 220/66KV 50 MVA TF-1 at 220KV Warora Substation under EHV O&M Division, Ballarshah

04-08-2018 10-08-2018 (213 KB)
SE/CCCM/ABAD/901 Aurangabad

Corrigentum to Supplying ,erecting, testing and commissioning Audio & Mike System for conference Hall at Administrative Building,MSETCL,Harsool, Aurangabad under CCCM Circle Aurangabad

04-08-2018 06-08-2018 (1.3 MB)
RFx No.-7000009776 Pune

Work of Maintanance,Servicing & repairing of 220V & 48V DC battery sets & it’s Charger at 400 kv Lamboti.

04-08-2018 03-09-2018 (25 KB)
7000009574 Nagpur

Extension of E-enquiry for the comprehensive AMC for servicing /repairing of Microprocessors controlled packaged blue star make Hiper plus ODU along with Air Handling unit and split AC’s at 400KV S/st Chandrapur.

04-08-2018 10-08-2018 (120 KB)
SE/CCCM/ABAD/893 Aurangabad

Supplying,erecting and commissioning Audio & Mike System for Conference Hall at Adminstrative Building, MSETCL, Harsool, Aurangabad under CCCM Circle Aurangabad

04-08-2018 13-08-2018 (1.9 MB)
7000009788 Karad

SRM E-Tender for Attending Emergency Breakdown work & Annual routine maintenance work of 220/132/110 kV Lines, under EHV O&M Division, Ratnagiri.

04-08-2018 19-08-2018 (15 KB)
Ref. No. CE/MSETCL/NSK Zone/T-30/No. 1931 Nashik

EHV PC (O&M) Zone, Nashik:Notice for work of Hiring of LMV diesel Vehicle for AGM (HR), MSETCL, EHV PC (O&M) Zone, Nashik (on Outsourcing basis, with driver for 1 year contract period).

04-08-2018 14-08-2018 (356 KB)
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