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SRM E-Tender Pune

Work of LILO on 132kV Jeur-Kurduwadi line at proposed 132kV Kurduwadi Tss.(dated 23-02-2018)

06-02-2018 08-03-2018 (46 KB)
7000007589 Aurangabad

Work of Implementation of Remote Operation of 132KV S/s Niwali from 220KV S/s Harangul & 132KV S/s Pangri from 220KV S/s Old GCR Parli under EHV O&M Circle Parli (V)

06-02-2018 13-02-2018 (16 KB)
7000007134 Pune

Recall for Supply of Furniture at various substation, offices Under Jurisdiction EHV O&M Circle Solapur.

06-02-2018 05-03-2018 (42 KB)
EEC/CCCM/Dn/NGP/Quot./2017-18/Q-3/3rd call/171 Dt. 06.02.2018 Nagpur

Dismantling of old staff quarters in the premises of 132KV S/Stn Mankapur, Dist Nagpur.

06-02-2018 14-02-2018 (14 KB)
6000000456 Corporate Office

T-1815 :Turnkey construction of Upgradation of 132 kV Manmad - Malegaon SCSC line to 220 kV DC line using same corridor / ROW (Route length - 36 Kms Including 6 Kms of MCNB line) under Nashik zone

Document Title End Date File
Letter of Award. 25-04-2018 (1.2 MB)
06-02-2018 12-03-2018 (13 KB)
6000000455 Corporate Office

Tender No. T-1809/MSETCL/CO/DC&M/D&T/SS-Pretender for Upgradation of 132kV Manmad S/stn to 220 kV Manmad S/stn Dist: Nashik, under Nashik Zone.

Document Title End Date File
Letter of Award for Supply of Materials. 25-04-2018 (1.7 MB)
Letter of Award for ETC of materials 25-04-2018 (1006 KB)
Letter of Award for Civil Works. 25-04-2018 (1.3 MB)
06-02-2018 12-03-2018 (138 KB)
7000007232 Karad

Annual maintenance & Running of Central AC Plant at 400 KV Karad Sub-station under 400 KV R.S.(O&M) Dn.Karad.

06-02-2018 13-02-2018 (2.3 MB)
7000007319 Nagpur

E-Tender specification No. EE/EHV/O&M/NGP/TECH/SRM E-tender-17-18/14 towards the Design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of switches & LED lamp panel for bus bar protection scheme of 132kv bays available at 220KV Kalmeshwar & Kanhan  SS  under EHV (O&M)  Dn. Nagpur

06-02-2018 12-02-2018 (20 KB)
7000007602 Pune

Re-Tender for replacement of 132KV Single Bus (0.2 ACSR) conductor by twin bus (0.2 ACSR) at 132KV SPSL (ESSAR) Sub-Station under EHV O&M Division Manchar.

06-02-2018 20-02-2018 (236 KB)
7000007315 Nagpur

E-Tender specification No. EE/EHV/O&M/NGP/TECH/SRM E-tender-17-18/13 towards the Work of providing & applying acid resistance floor coating paint on the floor of battery room at 220KV Kanhan Sub-Station & 220KV Butibori-1 Sub-Station, under EHV (O&M) Division, MSETCL, Nagpur.

06-02-2018 12-02-2018 (20 KB)
7000007575 Karad

Removing of damaged compound wall and replacing old UCR retaining wall with RCC retaining wall at 110 KV Sub Station Chambukhadi, Tal.-Karveer, Dist-Kolhapur.( RFX No. 7000007575 )

06-02-2018 20-02-2018 (597 KB)
EE/EHV/PROJ/DIV/NND/T/ 233 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry for Hiring of vehicle i.e. Tata Sumo (Victa/Gold), Mahindra Bolero, Scorpio along with driver for Addl. Executive Engineer, EHV Lines Project Sub Division Parbhani under Project Division Nanded

06-02-2018 15-02-2018 (365 KB)
7000007300 Pune

Cancellation of E-Tender for replacement of 132KV Single Bus (0.2 ACSR) conductor by twin bus (0.2 ACSR) at 132KV SPSL (ESSAR) Sub-Station under EHV O&M Division Manchar.

06-02-2018 06-02-2018 (198 KB)
40 Karad

Extention of Enquiry for Hiring of TATA SUMO Vehicle with Driver under Testing Dn Kolhapur

06-02-2018 20-02-2018 (13 KB)
7000007571 Karad

eTender for Work of Providing & Fixing of spares for 400KV PG & CB Isolators of various makes at 400KV S/Stn under EHV O&M Circle, Karad

06-02-2018 08-03-2018 (449 KB)
7000007559 Vashi

RFX for Erection, dismantling and transportation of ICT/ Transformer, accessories and transportation of  EHV equipments as and when required.

06-02-2018 21-02-2018 (462 KB)
7000007518 Vashi

Repairing reconditioning, complete overhauling of 400kV pantograph type   isolator (S&S, Elpro, Siemens, Hivelum make and other etc.) under 400kV RS (O&M) Dn., Padghe.

06-02-2018 20-02-2018 (552 KB)
7000007536 Nashik

EHV O & M Division,Jalgaon :E-tender: Notice for  Work of elimination of 11kV Power cables by providing overhead structure at LV side of 132/11kV T/F's at various 132kV Sub-station.

06-02-2018 05-03-2018 (16 KB)
7000007564 Nagpur

Work of Painting for 03 Nos. of 100 MVA BHEL 400/220/20 KV ICTs, 01 No. of 100 MVA BHEL 400/220/33 KV Spare ICT, 01No. of 315 MVA BHEL Make ICT & 1 No. 400KV TBC Bus Reactor at 400KV RS (O&M) Division, Koradi-I Nagpur

06-02-2018 07-03-2018 (33 KB)
7000007556 Nashik

400KV R.S. Division,Khadka - Bhusawal : SRM E-enquiry for Work of providing & Fixing of Nitryle rubber Gaskets for complete 50 MVAR, 400kV ACEC make bus reactor at 400 KV RS Dn.

06-02-2018 10-02-2018 (245 KB)
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