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7000009828 Karad

Enquiry for additional earthpit at various substation under EHV O&M Division Kolhapur.

08-10-2018 12-10-2018 (135 KB)
EEC/EHV/CCCM Dn/NSK/Tech/1578 Nashik

EHV CCCM Divison, Nashik:Notice for work of Construction of oil Sump and various civil maintenance works of control room at 132 KV Sub station Sinnar (Old), Tal:- Sinnar, Dist:- Nashik

08-10-2018 11-10-2018 (242 KB)
7000010416 Karad

eTender for Annual maint. of garden at various locations in the premises of Zone office,Vijaynagar, Karad, Dist - Satara.

08-10-2018 22-10-2018 (81 KB)
7000009720 Vashi

Raising the height of two numbers of firewall in 400 kV switchyard near ICT-2 at 400 kV receiving station, Kalwa, Airoli, Navi Mumbai. (Second call.)

08-10-2018 11-11-2018 (255 KB)
7000010355 Nagpur

Procurement of 1 No. portable variable DC supply Converter (Ashida make or equivalent) for Testing Lab at Testing Dn. Nagpur.

07-10-2018 06-11-2018 (116 KB)
7000010441 Vashi

Work of replacement of existing 160 kN glass insulator strings by 160 kN DC composite long rod insulators on 500 kV HVDC Chandrapur- Padghe line.

07-10-2018 22-10-2018 (92 KB)
7000010006 Nagpur

1st Extension SRM e-Tender for the work of benching due to low ground clearance on 400KV Chandrapur Khaperkheda line under 400KV Line Maint. Sub-Division, Chandrapur under HVDC TL O&M Division Chandrapur.

06-10-2018 15-10-2018 (26 KB)
7000010415 Amravati

SRM E-TENDER Work of shifting (dismantling existing & erection of new structure) of 33 kV Shegaon, 33 kV MIDC, 33 kV Sajanpuri & 33 kV Balapur feeders at 132 kV S/Stn Khamgaon under EHV (O&M) Division, Buldhana.

06-10-2018 20-10-2018 (31 KB)
6000000641 Corporate Office

Tender No. T-1870/MSETCL/CO/C&M/Pre-T/Pre-Tender for
Work of giving 220 kV power supply to-
1) TSS at Kharbao, Tal. Bhiwandi by dismantling existing 2X100 kV AIS bays and LILO on 220 kV Kamba –Kolshet line using EHV Cable – 0.3 km
2) TSS at Panchali Tal. & Dist. Palghar by construction of 2X220 kV AIS bays and LILO on LILO on 220 kV Boisar PG to Vasai line using EHV cable – 1 km
under Vashi zone, on turnkey basis under Chief Engineer (C&M).

06-10-2018 06-11-2018 (164 KB)
EE/PROJ/ABAD/1413 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry for providing TATA SUMO or Equivalent vehicle on hiring basis with driver for 400KV Line Project Sub Division-II , Aurangabad under Project Division Auranagabad

06-10-2018 15-10-2018 (184 KB)
7000010424 Karad

eTender Notice for Work of Overhauling, Servicing & Supply of Spares of 245 KV / 145 KV, Type 3AP1FI/3AP1FG Siemens make SF6 Circuit Breaker at various substation under EHV O&M Circle, Kolhapur

06-10-2018 07-11-2018 (77 KB)
EE/400kV RS Dn/Deepnagar-BSL-II/ T- 505 Nashik

E- Enquiry for inviting the Hard Copy Quotation for the work of Hiring of Diesel Car with Driver for Executive Engineer, 400KV R S Division, Deepnagar- Bhusaval-II

06-10-2018 08-10-2018 (222 KB)
EE/EHV/O&M/LTR/1374 Aurangabad

E Enquiry of various furniture like office Visitor chair, Revolving Executive Chair, Executive table, office table for EHV O&M Divison Latur.

06-10-2018 15-10-2018 (236 KB)
7000010282 Karad

Enquiry (2nd Call) for Upgradation of desktop PC by new ones at EHV O&M Division Ratnagiri.

06-10-2018 13-10-2018 (16 KB)
7000010444 Karad

Enquiry No.7000010444 for Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Testing of 100 KVAr Automatic Power Factor Controller at 400 KV R.S. Karad.

06-10-2018 15-10-2018 (3.6 MB)
7000010292 Vashi

work of repairs, refilling, spares and testing different types of fire extinguishers at various substations under EHV (O&M) Dn., Kalwa.

06-10-2018 12-10-2018 (208 KB)
EE/400 KV/RS DN./LONIKAND II/2018-19/ET- 13 DATE: 06.10.2018 Pune

Re-E-Tender for RFX NO 7000010445 of Erection & commissioning of 400 kV, 50 MVAr Lonikand-ParaliCkt-I Line reactor at 400 KV R.S.(O&M)Dn Lonikand-II.(dated 06-10-2018)

06-10-2018 21-10-2018 (327 KB)
7000010413 Vashi

SRM Tender for work of modification of auxiliary AC supply at  110kV Neral S/S ,100KV Murbad S/S ,220kV Washala S/S under EHV O&M Dn., Dombivali.

06-10-2018 04-11-2018 (412 KB)
7000010435 Pune

Publication of E-Tender notice for Weed Control chemical Treatment & rodent control treatment at various substations under EHV (O&M) Division II, Pune for one year.(dated 06-10-2018)

06-10-2018 09-11-2018 (31 KB)
7000010328 Vashi

RFx for servicing, overhauling of motors & its alignment with pumps during annual outage 2018 at HVDC Terminal Station Padghe.

06-10-2018 09-10-2018 (229 KB)
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