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EE/EVH O&M/Beed/Tech/1931 Aurangabad
E-enquiry for offline filtration of Transformer of various capacities to achieve the desired result as per IS 1886-2000 including testing of oil topping up complete with DGA, BDP and PPM results and allied works in various substations under EHV O&M Beed
07-11-2017 14-11-2017 (1.1 MB)
01216 Karad

Enquiry for Transportation of various EHV equipments/materials from MSETCL S/Stn. & Stores to RTC Talandage for 132KV Demo Line bay.

07-11-2017 14-11-2017 (364 KB)
7000006589 Vashi

AMC for the work of battery and battery chargers at various substations under EHV (O&M) Circle, Panvel.

07-11-2017 05-12-2017 (259 KB)
7000006498 Pune

SRM E-Tender for Rate contract for repair/ maintenance of High Mast Towers/ Substation Switchyard lighting at various S/stn.under EHV O&M Dn. I, Pune.

07-11-2017 07-12-2017 (13 KB)
7000005564 Pune

Cancellation of E-Tender for the Work of dismantling of old (6+2) no’s 33KV bay & erection of new (8+2) no’s of 33KV bays at 132KV Degaon EHV S/S under EHV O&M Division, Solapur.

07-11-2017 07-11-2017 (143 KB)
7000006350 Pune

Extension no -1 for SRM e-Tender of Allied work with the Internal inspection of Power Transformer, 220 / 22 kV, 50 MVA make IMP, at 220 kV Nanded city SS under EHV O&M Division-I, Pune.(dated 07-11-2017)

07-11-2017 14-11-2017 (229 KB)
7000006283 Pune

Extension no -1 for SRM e-Tender of Replacement of 33 kV Current Transformers (CTs) -6 Nos. of 22 kV Tukainagar and Sainagar feeder at 220 kV Parvati s/s under EHV O&M Division-1, Pune.(dated 07-11-2017)

07-11-2017 14-11-2017 (229 KB)
7000006338 Nashik

EHV O&M Div. Babhaleshwar : Notice for 2nd Call for work of supply, erection,Testing and commissioning of Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System for addl 220/132kV, 200MVA ICT-3 at 220kV Kedgaon (A’Nagar) S/Stn

07-11-2017 21-11-2017 (254 KB)
7000006493 Nashik

400KV R.S. Division Khadka - Bhusawal : Extension notice for Work of Dismantling/removing of old redundant copper/Aluminum cables of Various sizes from 400/220/132 KV Yard & control room & stacking them properly by coiling in the cable yard and lying of new cable of various sizes

07-11-2017 10-11-2017 (193 KB)
7000006544 Nagpur Work of Supply, Civil & ETC for 1 x 50 MVA 132/33 kV at Uppalwadi substation Dist. Nagpur. 06-11-2017 06-12-2017 (15 KB)
7000006543 Nagpur Balance work of Supply, Civil & ETC for 2 x 132 kV end bays at Lakhandur substation Dist. Bhandara. 06-11-2017 06-12-2017 (23 KB)
E Enquiry ( RFX not applicable) Pune

Hiring of vehicle for EHV CCCm Sdn Lonikand.

06-11-2017 17-11-2017 (3.1 MB)
E Enquiry ( RFX not applicable) Pune

Hiring of vehicle for EHV CCCm Sdn III.

06-11-2017 17-11-2017 (3.1 MB)
EEC/NSK/T-07/2017-18 Nashik

EHV CCCM Divison, Nashik : Extension notice for the work of "Renovation of Rest House at 220 KV Babhaleshwar, Tal:- Rahata, Dist:- Ahemdnagar."

06-11-2017 13-11-2017 (301 KB)
7000006588 SLDC Kalwa

supply, installation, testing & commissioning of road blocker at SLDC, Airoli

06-11-2017 05-12-2017 (89 KB)
7000006603 Pune

E-Enquiry for work of Repairing of faulty LV cable of 132/22kV, 25MVA, BBL make Power T/f – 2 at 132 kV Varasgaon under EHV O&M Dn. II, Pune.(dated 07-11-2017)

06-11-2017 20-11-2017 (48 KB)
EE/400KV/RS/DN/KDK/BSL/T/789 Nashik

400KV R.S. Division, Khadka - Bhusawal : Notice for work of Fabrication of equipment Support structures for erection of equipments for shifting of 400 KV 50MVAR reactor at 400 KV RS Dn.

06-11-2017 15-11-2017 (2 MB)
EE/EVH O&M/Beed/Tech/1926 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry forFirm quotationforProviding Outsourcing Drivers (Skilled) fordepartmental Vehicles, underEHV (0&M) Dn., Beed.

06-11-2017 13-11-2017 (1.5 MB)
EE/EVH O&M/Beed/Tech/1925 Aurangabad

E- Enquiry forthe Detailed Surveyoflow line clearance location ofvarious 220kV & 132kV EHV Lines underEHV (0&M) Division Beed

06-11-2017 13-11-2017 (1.1 MB)
CELDK/Maint/FM-57/1979 Date:06.11.2017 SLDC Kalwa

Invitation of  E-quotations  for comprehensive AMC  of  2 no. Sleek elevator  Capsule  type Lifts at SLDC,  Kalwa.

06-11-2017 20-11-2017 (125 KB)

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