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7000010434 Amravati

SRM E-TENDER EXTENSION Annual maintenance contract for overhauling of Intank & Flange mounted OLTCs of various make at various substations under EHV O&M DN. Amravati

28-11-2018 04-12-2018 (57 KB)
7000010921 Nashik

 EHV O&M Div. Babhaleshwar:Notice for Work of Providing pipe type tower leg earthing to various 132KV lines under line maintenance Sub-Div Babhaleshwar.

28-11-2018 28-12-2018 (223 KB)
7000010883 Nashik

EHV PC (O&M) Zone Nashik:Notice for Work of second circuit stringing on 132kV D/C tower from 132kV Dharangaon sub-substation to Railway Dharangaon TSS.

28-11-2018 28-12-2018 (15 KB)
7000010874 Karad

Supply, Erection, Commissioning & Testing of New Relay Panels (separate HV & LV) for 400/220/33 KV, 315 MVA ICT-Ias per MSETCL specifications & Dismantling of existing old Relay Panels at 400 KV R.S.Karad.

28-11-2018 12-12-2018 (1.3 MB)
7000010915 Karad


28-11-2018 27-12-2018 (79 KB)
7000010542 Vashi

2nd Call of RFx for overhauling, servicing & supply of spares of various types 245 and 145 kV ABB Make Circuit Breakers at 400kV RS O&M Division, Padghe

28-11-2018 27-12-2018 (250 KB)
7000010902 Aurangabad

Second Call for Annual Contract for Transportation of EHV & EHV Substation & line material along with allied material including erection & dismantling of Transformer from anywhere in Maharashtra to Projects site work under EHV Projects Circle, Aurangabad including loading, unloading, winching, stacking etc. complete all activities

28-11-2018 12-12-2018 (59 KB)
7000010769 Karad

Repair of existing storages and providing Kaddapa storage cabinets for various sub-station under EHV O&M Division, Kolhapur. ( RFX No. 7000010769 )

28-11-2018 12-12-2018 (1.8 MB)
7000010893 Vashi

E-Tender for Height Raising of 400 KV S/C Kalwa-Padgha I Tr. Line between Loc. No. 1142 to 1145 for infringing proposed Airoli Katai Naka Highway Project of MMRDA under ORC Work

28-11-2018 12-12-2018 (162 KB)
7000010643 Vashi

E-Tender for Work of oil filtration of   Transformers / ICTs  at various S/s. under  EHV(O&M) Circle, Kalwa.

28-11-2018 27-12-2018 (440 KB)
7000010880 Vashi

supply of different type of  clamps & connector at 400kv nagothane s/s under 400 kv RS O&m DIV NAGOTHANE UNDER EHV O&m CIRCLE PANVEL (2nd call..)


28-11-2018 25-12-2018 (101 KB)
7000010919 Corporate Office

Tender No. MSETCL/HR-NT/Tender-01/2018 for Engaging agency for providing Skilled / Unskilled Manpower on outsourcing basis for Corporate Office, Mumbai under Astt. General Manager (HR-NT/OSP), Mumbai.

27-11-2018 26-12-2018 (179 KB)
7000010583 Karad

Extension to Tender for Work of Chimney height raising of tower legs under EHV O&M Circle, Karad

27-11-2018 04-12-2018 (117 KB)
7000010657 Amravati

SRM e-tender Extension Supply,Erection and Civil balance works including testing & commissioning of 132kV Ralegaon S/S, Dist. Yavatmal on TKC, under risk and cost of M/s Swati Enterprises, Nashik

27-11-2018 03-12-2018 (8 KB)
7000010582 Amravati

Extension E-Tender work of replacement & fixing of broken spacers cum vibration dampers & tightening of all remaining spacers in relevant spans of 400 kV Akot- Akola LILO line under line maintenance Sub-Division, Akot, under the jurisdiction of 400 kV R.S. Division.Akola

27-11-2018 05-12-2018 (18 KB)
7000010830 Nashik

EHV PC (O&M) Zone:Work of handling including unloading,stacking of TRANSCO’s scrap material & other equipments weighting 5MT per package to be received at Major Store, Dhule

27-11-2018 27-12-2018 (64 KB)
7000010551 Nashik

EHV O&M Div.Dhule:2nd call E-Enquiry for the Work of Conversion of Double Tier wooden battery stands into Single Tier battery stands (supplying new battery stand) at 220KV Dondaicha and Shahada.

27-11-2018 11-12-2018 (45 KB)
7000010879 Aurangabad

AMC for the Works of Dismantling, Erection, Transportation, Winching, Loading & Unloading of Power Transformers, EHV Equipments & EHV materials / Scrap materials, from anywhere in Maharashtra to the MSETCL Work Site / Stores / Repairers Workshop & vice versa, under EHV (O&M) Circle, Aurangabad.

27-11-2018 28-12-2018 (15 KB)
7000010900 Vashi

Supply of 100 ton hydraulic crimping machine at 400 kV Substation Nagothane under 400 KV RS (O & M) Division Nagothane under  EHV (O&M) Circle, Panvel 

27-11-2018 04-12-2018 (101 KB)
70000010881 Nagpur

Work of Comprehensive Annual maintenance contract (AMC) for Air Conditioner installed at various substation under EHV O&M Division, Ballarshah

27-11-2018 11-12-2018 (210 KB)
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