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EE/TCD/ABD/TS/H-1/No.0381 Aurangabad

Telecom Division,Aurangabad:Enquiry for work of hiring of vehicle for Testing Unit Jalna.

20-08-2019 26-08-2019 (1.9 MB)
7000013447 Vashi

Tender for  AMC of 10 no of N2 Fire protection system (CTR MAKE) at 400 KV Nagothane Substation under 400 KV R. S. (O&M) Division, Nagothane 1st ext....

20-08-2019 27-08-2019 (158 KB)
7000013406 Vashi

 RFx for procurement of 10 Nos. Capacitor units having Capacitance 22.3 micro Farad for High voltage AC filter HP 24/36 Capacitor banks at HVDC, Padghe.


20-08-2019 26-08-2019 (239 KB)
7000013731 Vashi

RFx for servicing, overhauling and testing of LVAC breakers 2000 C and 3200 D type for Pole-1 & 2 during annual outage 2019.

20-08-2019 26-08-2019 (341 KB)
7000013730 Vashi

RFx for Repairing, Servicing and maintenance LVAC Feeders during Annual outage 2019 at HVDC Indoor unit, Padghe.

20-08-2019 26-08-2019 (346 KB)
7000013493 Nashik

Extension notice work of supply & fixing of I/O card of Busbar Relay (Model- REB500, Make ABB) required for replacement of faulty Busbar I/O card of REB500 based 220kV Bus-Bar Protection scheme at 220kV Bhenda S/Stn under EHV (O&M) Division, Babhaleshwar.

20-08-2019 26-08-2019 (69 KB)
7000013658 Vashi

RFx for Supply of Various Type of Material (Clamp & Connector) for Day to Day maintenance activity under 400kV RS(O&M) Dn,Padghe.

20-08-2019 18-09-2019 (547 KB)
7000013553 Vashi

 E-Tender Extension Notice for Work of anticorrosive treatment to 220kV Line Towers in BARC & HPCL area under 220kV Line S/Dn., Kalwa under EHV O&M Dn., Kalwa.

20-08-2019 26-08-2019 (161 KB)
7000013150 Karad

Work of modification of EHV Lines crossing to the existing Pune- Miraj Railway line due to proposed doubling & Railway Electrification work under Karad Zone on Turn Key Basis

19-08-2019 18-09-2019 (14 KB)
EE/MS/KRD/HR/No. 84 Karad

Enquiry for providing of Outsource LDC (F&A-1) & (HR-1)at Major Stores, Karad.

19-08-2019 26-08-2019 (203 KB)
7000013466 Karad


19-08-2019 31-08-2019 (17 KB)
7000013719 Nagpur

E-TENDER NOTICE  Renovation/Strengthening ofexisting Sub StationEarth Grid at various 220KV/132KV S/s.under EHV (O&M)Division, MSETCL,Bhandara

19-08-2019 03-09-2019 (20 KB)
EE/EHV/PD-III/SOLAPUR/T-01/2019-20 (RFX No-7000013670) Pune

Work of supply of material, erection, testing & commissioning for 132kV Karajgi end bay at 132kV Akkalkot S/Stn (for balance work). (dated 20-08-2019)

19-08-2019 18-09-2019 (13 KB)
EE/EHV/PD-III/Solapur/938 Date:-19/08/2019 Pune

E-enquiry for the work of Providing Skilled/Unskilled manpower on outsourcing basis at EHV Projects Division-III, Solapur & its underlying Sub division offices.(dated 20-08-2019)

19-08-2019 26-08-2019 (244 KB)
7000013408 Nagpur

Extension E- TENDER NOTICE Supply of 7Nos ferruling machines for Testing Unit/Batches and for Hardware S/Dn under Testing & Communication Circle Nagpur.

19-08-2019 26-08-2019 (83 KB)
7000013617 Vashi

Supply & Installation of Biometric attendance system at 400kV R.S (O&M) Dn., Kharghar

19-08-2019 25-08-2019 (286 KB)
7000013662 Vashi

Supply of Hot Spot Preventer Product to 400kV RS, Kharghar.

19-08-2019 25-08-2019 (379 KB)
7000013407 Nashik

EHV Projects Division,Nasik :extension notice for Providing Three Phase Power Supply at 220KV Amrapur SS, Dist-A’nagar.

19-08-2019 26-08-2019 (262 KB)
EE/738 Dt: 19.08.2019 RFX No. 7000013443 Pune

Publication of extension notice for E-Tender for providing skilled /Un skilled man power for carrying out office work in EHV (O&M) Division-II, Pune for 11 months.(dated 19-08-2019)

19-08-2019 26-08-2019 (37 KB)
EE/EHV PD-I/PN/T/ENQUIRY/1485 dt.19.08.2019 Pune

Work of detailed survey for balance work of S/C to D/C conversion of 132kv Kothrud-Phursungi line and Height increasing of L.No.7 to 10 of 220 KVParvati tap line(Parvati- Chinchwad &Parvati Phursungi line ) - (dated 19-08-2019)

19-08-2019 26-08-2019 (879 KB)
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