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7000013945 Vashi
E-Enquiry for Work of cleaning of overhead & underground water tank in substation & colony premises at 100KV Bhiwandi substation under EHV (O&M) Dn., Kalwa for the year 2019-20.
16-10-2019 23-10-2019 (292 KB)
7000013908 Vashi
E-Enquiry for work of providing & fixing of banners for publication of safety appeals at 220KV & 100KV Lines under EHV (O&M) Dn., Kalwa for the year 2019-20.
16-10-2019 23-10-2019 (291 KB)
7000013967 Vashi

2nd call for Providing & fixing PLCC panels for 220KV Kalwa-Trombay & 100KV Bhiwandi-Padgha Lines.

16-10-2019 23-10-2019 (103 KB)
7000014144 Vashi

E-Tender for supply of Various Consumables material at various Sub-stations for the year 2019-20 under EHV O&M Division Boisar.

16-10-2019 23-10-2019 (460 KB)
7000014145 Vashi

E-Tender for providing and fixing of New LED Street lighting at MSETCL Pasthal Colony under EHV O&M Division Boisar.

16-10-2019 23-10-2019 (461 KB)
7000014152 Nagpur

SRM e-tender  for the procurement/ Supply of suitable clamps & terminal connectors required for replacement of 400KV CB & PG Isolators of ICT-1, ICT-2, GTR-3 & TBC-2 bay at 400KV GCR Substation Chandrapur.

16-10-2019 23-10-2019 (131 KB)
7000013772 Vashi

E-Tender 2nd call for Annual Maintenance Contract of CTR make Nitrogen Injection    System for fire  prevention to  TFs/ICTs at  various sub-stations under EHV (O&M)  Circle., Kalwa

17-10-2019 23-10-2019 (362 KB)
7000014022 Karad

The provision of new ABB Make Integrated 2/4 Command Protection Coupler (NSD-50) along with Tag blocks housed in ABB Make ETL-41/42 PLCC Panels at various Sub-stations under EHV PC O&M Zone Karad

15-10-2019 23-10-2019 (57 KB)
7000013774 Nashik

2nd call notice for Work of Monkey Patrolling of 220KV/132KV EHV S/C and D/C lines under Jurisdiction of Line Maintenance Subdivision Manmad under EHV O&M Division, Nashik.

16-10-2019 23-10-2019 (94 KB)
7000014137 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Providing & Fixing of 33kV Switch Fuse Unit(Indoor) & 33kV 120 Sq.mm Power Cable at 400kV R S Kumbhargaon Nanded.

16-10-2019 23-10-2019 (504 KB)
7000014101 Nagpur

1st extension of SRM e-Tender for the measurement of Tower Footing Resistance of 500KV HVDC line, various 400KV Line under HVDC TL O&M Division,
Chandrapur (2ndCall).

19-10-2019 22-10-2019 (14 KB)
7000014100 Nagpur

SRM e-Tender for AMC for the work of Monkey patrolling &Thermovision scanning of +/-500KV Chandrapur- Padghe HVDC line & 400KV lines under HVDC TL O&M Division, Chandrapur..

19-10-2019 22-10-2019 (12 KB)
1818 Pune

enquiry for supply and installation of new biometric Attendance machine at EHV Projects Dn-I, Pune.(dated 19-10-2019)

16-10-2019 22-10-2019 (107 KB)
1818 Pune

Enquiry for supply and installation of new biometric Attendance machine at EHV Projects Dn-I, Pune.(dt.17-20-2019)

16-10-2019 22-10-2019 (509 KB)
1144 Karad

E-Enquiry for Detailed survey of up gradation of Existing 110KV SC Mudshingi-Puikhadi line to SCDC in the existing corridor.

15-10-2019 22-10-2019 (691 KB)
EE/EHV(O&M) DN/KRD/T-53/No. 977 Karad

1st extension for Enquiry for Hiring of vehicle (Tata Indigo/Maruti Swift) for Executive Engineer at EHV O&M Division Karad.

16-10-2019 22-10-2019 (138 KB)
7000014131,7000014132,7000014133,7000014134 Vashi

1).Name of work: Providing structural strengthening of existing deteriorated RCC column and beams of control room building at 220/22 kV GIS substation Mulund.

2)Civil works for Re-construction of collapsed compound wall at 220 KV Wada-I substation, District- Palghar.

3)Civil works for Re-construction of collapsed compound wall at 220 KV Wada-II (Bhaveghar) substation, District- Palghar.

4)Raising the height of nallah side compound wall, repairing of store-shed & replenish of metal at 22 kV yard of 220 kV Airoli Knowledge Park substation, Airoli.

16-10-2019 22-10-2019 (1.2 MB)
7000014148 & 7000014150 Vashi

a) Rfx of AMC for attending various issues of 220V, 48V & 24 V battery set and charge/discharge cycle along with maintenance of charger & battery maintenance for 400kV & 500kV Divisions under HVDC Circle Padghe.  b) RFx for providing Catering services at training center and ABB Residential Camp at Regional Training Center under HVDC RS (O&M) Circle, Padghe.

16-10-2019 22-10-2019 (385 KB)
7000014088 Amravati

SRM E-TENDER EXTENSION NOTICE Supply & erection of 132kV take off gantries and dismantling & stringing of 132kV Amravati-Achalpur & 132kV Chandurbazar-Achalpur lines at 132kV Achalpur S/S premises under EHV O&M Division, Amravati

15-10-2019 22-10-2019 (52 KB)
7000014003 Karad

Cancellation notice : SRM E-Tender for Erection of 132 kV DC (60 degree) without extension new tower at Loc. no. 159 of 110 kV Arawali - Niwali line,under EHV O&M Division Ratnagiri.

15-10-2019 22-10-2019 (203 KB)
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