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EE/400KV/RS(O&M)/Dn/GRL/Tech/927. Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Firm quotation for hiring of vehicle for Addl. Executive Engineer,EHV lines sub division under 400kV RS (O&M) Division Girwali.

15-10-2019 22-10-2019 (761 KB)
7000014140 Karad

Re-tenderization (2nd call) for Work of cold line cleaning of EHV line insulators under EHV O&M Dn., Kolhapur

14-10-2019 22-10-2019 (89 KB)
SEC/MSETCL/EHVCCCM/ABD/Tech/F.No./1308 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry(2nd Call): Supply of safety shoes of various sizes for all eligible staff members working at field offices under jurisdiction of EHV CCCM Circle Aurangabad for the year 2017-20.

14-10-2019 22-10-2019 (503 KB)
296 Karad

E-Enquiry for work of "Supply of Compressor oil for 400/220KV Circuit breakers air compressors" at 400kV R.S.Dn.Talandge.

11-10-2019 22-10-2019 (691 KB)
6000000782 Corporate Office

T-1957 :- work of Establishment of 132/33 kV Hybrid GIS substation at Jat-Tarodi Dist. Nagpur along with laying of 132 kV DC U/G cable from 132 kV Paradi S/S to 132 kV Jat-Tarodi S/S under Nagpur zone

20-09-2019 22-10-2019 (299 KB)
6000000781 Corporate Office

Tender No. T-1958:- Construction of 132 kV DC line on DC tower from 132 kV Suryanagar s/s & 132 kV Kawadas s/s to 132 kV Jawahar s/s (Route length- 40 Kms) under Vashi Zone- 4th call

21-09-2019 22-10-2019 (67 KB)
7000014079 Vashi
The work of preparation of proposal and obtaining final approval from competent authority (C.A) for diversion of forest land for use of non-forest purpose under forest conservation act 1980, for forest land involved towards construction of LILO on tower location 203, carrying 220 kv Boisar Nallasopara Tr. line towards existing Palghar substation.
15-10-2019 21-10-2019 (186 KB)
7000014057 Nagpur

SRM e-TENDER NOTICE Supply of Silica gel(Blue indicate) of mesh size 4 to 6, CRC & Kli-nit type) cleaner for various EHV S-S under EHV (O&M) Division,MSETCL, Bhandara.

14-10-2019 21-10-2019 (83 KB)
7000014061 Nashik

Telecom Division, Nashik :Extension notice for work of Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 14 No. Coupling Device Set required urgently for replacement at various Substations under EHV O& M Circle, Nashik

15-10-2019 21-10-2019 (13 KB)
7000013861 Karad

Construction 2X132KV feeder bays at 132KV Kudal Traction S/s. under Karad Zone

14-10-2019 21-10-2019 (329 KB)
7000013861 Karad

Construction 2X132KV feeder bays at 132KV Kudal Traction S/s. under Karad Zone

14-10-2019 21-10-2019 (329 KB)
7000013860 Karad

Construction 2X132KV feeder bays at 132KV Ratnagiri Traction S/s. under Karad Zone

14-10-2019 21-10-2019 (329 KB)
7000014026 Karad

Work of Laying of 33KV, 400 Sq mm XLPE Cable & Providing and fixing of 33KV, 400 SXLPE Indoor/Out- door type heat shrinkable jointing termination kit at 400KV Receiving SAlkud (M).under 400KV RS Dn. Alkud (M)

14-10-2019 21-10-2019 (16 KB)
7000014097 Nashik

Extension Notice for Work of Dismentaling, Erection & Winching of Power Transformers/ICT’s and Reactors (on as and when required) at various EHV substations under EHV (O&M) Circle, Khadka-Bhusawal

14-10-2019 21-10-2019 (240 KB)
7000013703 Karad

SRM RE-Tender for Repairing & Overhauling of various make Air Compressor at various EHV S/s, under EHV O&M Division, Ratnagiri.

14-10-2019 21-10-2019 (284 KB)
SE/EHV/O&M/Circle NSK/TECH/1560 Nashik

E-enquiry for hiring of Tata Sumo/Bolero 9 seater & equivalent Diesel vehicle for PID testing unit under EHV O&M Circle Nashik.

11-10-2019 21-10-2019 (2.3 MB)
7000013939 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender(1st Call): Construction work of LILO on 132kV Paranda line to Propose 132kV Kalamb Road TSs Line and End Bay along with supply, erection testing commissioning & related civil works under EHV Projects Circle Aurangabad.

21-09-2019 20-10-2019 (80 KB)
7000013970 Nashik

Notice for Work of providing & fixing of Fire Survival Cable and Fire Detector ass mbly with the Replacement of FS Cable for all 400/220kV, 1x167 MVA ICT’s(i.e.7Nos.) under 400 kV R.S. Dn, Deepnagar, Bhusawal-II.

21-09-2019 20-10-2019 (610 KB)
7000013642 Nashik

Notice for Work of Annual maintenance contract (AMC) for for Attending Planned outage works on as & when required for 400KV DHL-SSNNL CKT –I&II & 400KV DHL-BBLR CKT –I&II under 400KV R.S Dn. Dhule

21-09-2019 20-10-2019 (18 KB)
SE/EHV/O&M/Circle/SHP/T/No. 976 Pune

AMC for various PC/Laptop, printer & xerox machines at various sections under EHV O&M Circle Solapur.(dated 19-10-2019)

11-10-2019 19-10-2019 (170 KB)
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