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7000011981 Nagpur

Cancellation of SRM tender Reconstruction of collapsed compound wall and construction of retaining wall cum drain in between 11KV & 132KV yard at 132KV S/Stn Hingna-II, Dist. Nagpur –

25-03-2019 25-03-2019 (96 KB)
7000011611 Nagpur

Cancellation E-TENDER Engaging Semi Skilled / Unskilled Manpower on outsourcing basis at various Division offices under the jurisdiction of EHV O&M Circle, Nagpur, including EHV PC (O&M) Zone office Nagpur.

25-03-2019 25-03-2019 (179 KB)
790 Nagpur

Cancellation of E-tender for Procurement of Digital Clampmeter(measuring instrument)for various Division under EHV(O&M)Circle,Nagpur

25-03-2019 25-03-2019 (158 KB)
NA Pune

Lottary for allotment of work of unemployed Engineers( lottery No.14).(dt.22-03-2019)

25-03-2019 25-03-2019 (723 KB)
7000011955 Vashi

Extension of E-tender for Hiring of A.C. Indica or equivalent Car for Executive Engineer Telecom Division Kalwa for the period 01.04.2019 to 31.03.2020.

25-03-2019 25-03-2019 (35 KB)
7000011805 Nashik

EHV PC O&M Zone, Nashik :Extension Notice for Work of replacement of Insulator string of 400kV Dhule- SSNNL Ckt-I & II by long rod porcelain insulators under 400kV R.S. Division, Dhule.

25-03-2019 27-03-2019 (13 KB)
7000012008 Karad

Asphalting of existing road from colony to MSETCL office premises at Bapat Camp, Dist-Kolhapur. ( RFX No. 7000012008 )

26-03-2019 28-03-2019 (575 KB)
7000012012 Karad

Replacing of damaged chainlink fencing and other various civil maintenance works at 220/33 KV Halkarni Sub Station, Dist:- Kolhapur. ( RFX No. 7000012012 )

26-03-2019 28-03-2019 (588 KB)
EE/EHV/O&M/DIVN/PNL/Tech/61/No. 497 Vashi
E-enquiry for work of Fixing of Rail pole fencing to Loc No. 640(LILO) Tower of 220kV ONGC -K’ Gaon-TSS-Kharghar D C Line under EHV Lines S/Dn Panvel under EHV (O&M) Division Panvel
25-03-2019 29-03-2019 (288 KB)
7000011347 Amravati

SRM e-tender Extension Supply ,Erection,Testing and Commissioning of additional 1x25MVA,132/33 kV transformer along with extension of 132kV & 33kV bus and allied equipment’s with civil works at 132 kV Dharni substation,under EHV O&M Division Amravati on turnkey basis under EHV CC O&M Zone,Amravati

25-03-2019 31-03-2019 (74 KB)
7000012112 Amravati

SRM e-tender Extension Balance work of construction of 220 kV Kalmeshwar -Warud DCDC line from loc. No 231 to 313 upto Gantry of Warud S/S (Total Loc. 81) Phase –V from Kalmeshwar end of route length 25.7 km route under EHV CCO&M zone,Amravati

26-03-2019 01-04-2019 (154 KB)
EE/TCD/ABD/TS/H-1/107 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Hiring of 1 No. of Tata Sumo with driver on hire for Additional Executive Engineer, Testing II, Aurangabad under Testing/Telecom Division, Aurangabad.

26-03-2019 01-04-2019 (1.7 MB)
7000012092 Nashik

Extension to e-tender extension notice in r/o balance work (Supply+Erection) in r/o 2x400KV Kudus end bays at 400KV BBLR SS under EHV Projects Division, MSETCL, Nasik.

26-03-2019 01-04-2019 (211 KB)
EE/400 KV RS/Thaptitanda/Tech/106. Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Providing outsource services of Peon at 400kV R S Division, Thaptitanda.

25-03-2019 01-04-2019 (366 KB)
EE/EHV/Project/Div/Abad/Tech/0469. Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Testing, Refilling & Reconditioning along with spares of fire extinguisher at 400kV Thaptitanda S/s Aurangabad under EHV Projects Division, Aurangabad.

25-03-2019 01-04-2019 (24 KB)
7000011875 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender for Work of Height raising of 220 kV Wardha-Yeotmal & 220 kV PGCIL Wardha-Pusad D/C line at loc. No. 81 & 82 Crossing of proposed road of Kharada Barrage on Wardha River under EHV (O&M) Circle Chandrapur.

25-03-2019 01-04-2019 (75 KB)
7000011398 Nashik

EHV PC O&M Zone,Nashik: Extension Notice for Work of second circuit stringing on existing 220kV SCDC Dondhaicha - Shahada Line under EHV O&M Circle, Bhusawal(Circuit Km =27Km).

25-03-2019 01-04-2019 (13 KB)
RFx:-7000011834 Pune

Work of supply required material along with Erection, Testing & Commissioning of additional 33/0.4 kV 200KVA Station transformer at various 220/132/110kV S/stn under EHV (O&M) Division, Solapur ( Time Extension).(dated 02-04-2019)

25-03-2019 02-04-2019 (105 KB)
7000012086 Vashi

Rfx for Procurement of 90 nos. of Thyristors Voltage rating 4 kV, current rating 1700 A DC for Pole-I & Pole II as spares at HVDC Terminal Station, Padghe.

27-03-2019 02-04-2019 (169 KB)
EE/EHV O&M DN/RTN/T/ No. 00521 Karad

Providing Tyres & Tubes for Company’s vehicle type 709 (MH-50/5367), under EHV O&M Division Ratnagiri.

26-03-2019 02-04-2019 (241 KB)
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