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7000013441 Vashi

SRM E-Tender: RFx for S&I of Passive Fire protection screen cum Water, Rat-Rodent protection system / Advance round module cable transit system for cable entries as per IE120/UL-1479 at 100/22kV Substation Padghe under 400kV RS O&M, Division, Padghe.

23-07-2019 21-08-2019 (261 KB)
Tender No. 01/2019-20 RFx No:7000013458 Pune

2nd call for Annual rate contract for attending all emergency / breakdown / schedule / preventive maintenance repair works etc. and works of various EHV lines under EHV O&M Division Baramati.(dated 22-07-2019)

23-07-2019 21-08-2019 (9 KB)
7000013405 SLDC Kalwa

(2nd Call)Annual Maintenance Contract of Air conditioners at ALDC, Ambazari, Nagpur.

22-07-2019 21-08-2019 (487 KB)
7000013447 Vashi

  Tender for  AMC of 10 no of N2 Fire protection system (CTR MAKE) at 400 KV Nagothane Substation under 400 KV R. S. (O&M) Division, Nagothane

20-07-2019 20-08-2019 (91 KB)
6000000745 Corporate Office

Turnkey construction of 132 kV DC line form 132 kV Dahanu s/s to 132 kV Suryanagar and Kavadas s/s along with interconnecting portion of Suryanagar s/s to Kavadas s/s (Route length- 40 Kms) under Vashi Zone.

19-07-2019 20-08-2019 (14 KB)
RFx No.- 7000013463 Pune

Annual Contract for work of loading/unloading, transportation of material from various stores to substations & vice-versa under EHV O&M Circle Solapur.(dated 22-07-2019)

20-07-2019 19-08-2019 (127 KB)
RFx No.-7000013456 Pune

Work of providing of Outsource Semi-Skilled ITI Holder as Technicians at various substations under EHV O&M Circle, Solapur.(dated 22-07-2019)

20-07-2019 19-08-2019 (112 KB)
RFx No.-7000013454 Pune

Work of providing of Outsource Skilled ITI Holder as an Operators at various substations under EHV O&M Circle,Solapur.(dated 22-07-2019)

20-07-2019 19-08-2019 (110 KB)
7000013442 SLDC Kalwa

 Work of repairs of office chairs  & glass door at SLDC, Airoli.

21-07-2019 19-08-2019 (51 KB)
7000012983 Vashi

SRM Re-Tender: Providing & Fixing Window Annunciation System at 220 kV Sonkhar Substation EHV O&M Dn Bhandup.

18-07-2019 19-08-2019 (27 KB)
7000012968 Vashi

SRM Re-Tender: Supply & Installation of LED Light Fixtures in Control Room at various Substations under EHV (O&M) Dn., Bhandup for FY 2019-20.

18-07-2019 19-08-2019 (30 KB)
7000013443 Pune

Publication of E-Tender for providing skilled /Un skilled man power for carrying out office work in EHV (O&M) Division-II, Pune for 11 months.(dated 19-07-2019)

19-07-2019 18-08-2019 (46 KB)
7000012472 Nashik

2nd call Notice for  Work of providing separate earthing pits for transformer & replacement of exsisting MS flat to copper strip for various T/Fs at various substation under EHV O&M Division Nashik.

19-07-2019 18-08-2019 (121 KB)
7000013408 Nagpur

E- TENDER NOTICE Supply of 7Nos ferruling machines for Testing Unit/ Batches and for Hardware S/Dn under Testing & Communication Circle Nagpur.

19-07-2019 18-08-2019 (201 KB)
7000013376 SLDC Kalwa

Annual contract for Outsourcing services of 02 Nos. ITI electrician against vacant post

of Artesian-A & 4 No. ITI wireman against Junior technicians vacant post for various maintenance works at SLDC, Airoli.



19-07-2019 17-08-2019 (478 KB)
7000013430 Karad

Work of Repairing of Defective 33KV & 11 KV outdoor oil Cooled type CT’s (2,3,4 & 5 Core) at various EHV S/Stns ,under EHV O&M Division Sangli.

18-07-2019 17-08-2019 (21 KB)
7000013407 Nashik

EHV Projects Division,Nasik:Notice for work of providing three phase power supply at 220 kv amrapur ss.

18-07-2019 17-08-2019 (288 KB)
7000013384 Karad

Supply, installation and commissioning of DM water plant with RO at Hot Line Unit Ogalewadi under EHV O&M Circle, Karad.

17-07-2019 17-08-2019 (447 KB)
7000013417 Nagpur

2nd Call E-tender for Supply of Ultra high Pure Nitrogen Gas for Valve Cooling System HPT of cylinders & Transporting Empty Nitrogen Gas Cylinder from HVDC Terminal Station to Factory & filled Nitrogen Gas Cylinder from Factory to HVDC Terminal Station, Chandrapur.

17-07-2019 16-08-2019 (146 KB)
7000013387 Karad

Work of renovation of 220/132 KV Line tower earthing for EHV Lines under Line maintenance Sub Dn. Ogalewadi under EHV O&M Dn. Karad.

17-07-2019 16-08-2019 (31 KB)
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